165-[FLP#0012-A] - Budget Allocation Proposal May 2023 Amend

Dear Lucidao Community,

As we have realized that we unintentionally omitted the spending allowance of LCD tokens in the parameters of the on-chain proposal transaction, we are submitting this new proposal as an amendment to rectify our mistake.

This amended proposal aims to add the spending allowance of the LCD tokens. For the successful implementation of the full governance proposal, we kindly request our community members to vote on both proposals. Your votes on both the original and this amended proposal are crucial to the comprehensive and seamless execution of the intended plan.

Recap of the amended parameters:

  • Amount: 4,000,000 LCD tokens
  • Spender: 0x4d1DDF75C15a6b54FbCA91466C8fEcDcf2c4fCb6

Once again, we apologize for the oversight and appreciate your understanding and support. We encourage all community members to cast their votes on both proposals to ensure the successful implementation of the full governance proposal.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.