197-[FLP#0021] - Retrospective Budget Allocation Proposal October 2023

Dear Lucidao Community,

The [PLP#0020] had gained traction and was moved to FLP stage.

This proposal aims to present the October 2023 Budget Proposal, which outlines a strategic allocation of $50,790 USDT with the aim to fortify our development efforts during a pivotal growth phase. This budget is meticulously reserved for for the following strategic actions relating to both Lucidao & Altr:

Key Developments:

  • Rebranding Initiative: Our rebranding journey is on the verge of completion, promising a fresh and engaging new identity for Lucidao.
  • Lending Platform: We are approaching the launch of our innovative lending platform, set to redefine luxury collectible transactions.
  • Digitization Functionality: A landmark achievement with the successful launch of this feature, enhancing our digital service offerings.

Token Allocation:

  • LCD Token Utilization: To further incentivize our core team and fuel community initiatives, we propose an allocation of 2 million LCD tokens. This strategic distribution is designed to reward active engagement and substantial contributions, thus fostering a vibrant and participatory ecosystem.

Community and Market Expansion:

  • Social Media and Networking: We have ramped up our social media presence and hosted targeted networking events, notably one for car collectors, aligning perfectly with our market expansion strategies.

Future Planning:

  • Treasury Replenishment: In the forthcoming weeks, we will introduce a comprehensive Proposal for Treasury Replenishment. This proposal will outline sustainable practices to reinforce our treasury, ensuring Lucidao’s longevity and continued innovation in leveraging blockchain for luxury collectibles.

As valued members of the DAO, we welcome your input, feedback, and proposals regarding budgeting among other topics.

Connect your wallet and delegate your tokens on http://governance.lucidao.com/ . You will be able to delegate your LCD balance during the next 12 hours.

Let’s shape the future of Lucidao together!

Warm regards,

The Lucidao Core Team