210-[FLP#0023] - Strategic $LCD Token Allocation Proposal April-June 2024

Dear Lucidao Community,

Following our ongoing efforts to strengthen and enhance the ecosystem, we are introducing a new proposal aimed at unlocking 8.5 million $LCD tokens. These tokens will be strategically allocated to various initiatives designed to reward and engage our community, support team efforts, and further incentivize participation in our ecosystem.

We propose the following allocation of the tokens:

  • Community Rewards: A significant portion of the tokens will be dedicated to rewarding active community members who contribute to discussions, provide valuable feedback, and support the growth of Lucidao. This initiative aims to recognize and appreciate the collective efforts that make our ecosystem thrive.
  • AMA Participation Incentives: To encourage more engagement and participation in AMA sessions, we will allocate tokens as rewards for insightful questions, participation, and interaction during these sessions. This will not only enrich our AMAs but also ensure broader community involvement and knowledge sharing.
  • Team Rewards: A portion of the tokens will be reserved as rewards for the team’s work. This will help in sustaining motivation and recognizing the team’s efforts in driving the project forward.
  • Liquidity Incentives: To maintain and enhance liquidity on Quickswap, we aim to allocate tokens to reward Liquidity Providers (LPs) providing liquidity via the LCD/MATIC pair. Having seen a spontaneous addition of liquidity on Uniswap V3 and decent trading volume starting to pick up, we believe that LCD/USDT LP liquidity providers should also be rewarded with incentives. For this reason, the incentives for LPs will be allocated 60% for the LCD/MATIC pair on Quickswap V3 and 40% for the LCD/USDT pair on Uniswap V3. This will ensure a stable and healthy liquidity level, facilitating smoother transactions within our ecosystem.
  • Special Initiatives: Recognizing the dynamic nature of our ecosystem, a reserve of tokens will be set aside for special initiatives that may arise. This could include unique collaborations, community events, or unforeseen opportunities that align with our mission and require support.

In addition, our commitment to fostering a vibrant and active community, we are exploring the introduction of revised tokenomics to introduce several new elements to our ecosystem, enhancing the value and utility of the $LCD tokens:

  • Raffles for Collectibles: We will introduce raffles, starting with luxury watches, exclusively available to our token holders. This adds an exciting dimension to holding $LCD tokens.

  • Enhanced Voting Mechanism: We are implementing an enhanced voting mechanism to reward participants in our governance process, further incentivizing active involvement in decision-making.

  • Advantages for Borrowers and Lenders: Both borrowers and lenders on our lending platform will enjoy added benefits when holding LCD tokens, reinforcing the utility and demand for our token within our ecosystem.

Your engagement is crucial in shaping the direction and success of these initiatives.

Let’s continue to collaborate and build a stronger Lucidao together.

Connect your wallet and delegate your tokens on https://governance.lucidao.com. You will be able to delegate your LCD balance during the next 12 hours.


The Lucidao Core Team