148-[FLP#0008] - Budget Allocation Proposal (November- January)

Following the [PLP#0007] posted last week, we are progressing the Budget Allocation Proposal to the Final Lucidao Proposal [FLP] stage.

This Final Lucidao Proposal represents the 2nd Lucidao Budget proposal and covers the period from November 2022 until the end of January 2023. The commentary below will provide insights into the rationale behind the budget allocation as well as key areas of focus in the next 3 months of development.

As mentioned in the latest budget management update, the Core Team is working with MME Legal to design and create a legal physical representation of the DAO in the form of the Decentralized Autonomous Association (DAA), hence the need to propose a budget with a shorter time span. Once the DAA is established, a new budget proposal will be made to allocate funds to the new DAA.

We also suggest presenting quarterly budget allocation to the community from now on; this will increase transparency and will allow for more flexibility for potential amendments plans as the project keeps developing.

The proposed budget is not too dissimilar from the previous budget although expenses will be skewed towards the launch of the ALTR platform, the marketplace for luxury collectibles. Hence, expenses will be directed towards the completion of the ALTR platform and the marketing efforts for the official launch. You will notice that monthly marketing expenses are being reduced with a concentration of the efforts in December around launch time.

In this proposed budget allocation, travel expenses have increased in an effort to create and/or strengthen relationships with Oracles and meet them physically. Under “Oracle expenses’', you will find any expenses related to Oracle’s visits and meetings, as well as the reimbursement of certain expenses they encountered for the event ALTR organized. For instance, two distinct potential Oracles brought watches and collection cars to be exhibited during the event; this was a great marketing tool for ALTR to showcase the strength of the relationship with upcoming partners.

Regarding the legal fees, MME Legal is assisting us on several topics regarding the marketplace (e.g., regulations around fractionalisation) as well as the aforementioned DAA creation. This will continue to generate reasonable legal fees in the coming months, and allow Lucidao to grow on a robust and healthy base.

The increase in both the Design agency fees and Front-end developer payments is driven by the high-quality talent that has been engaged to meet the fixed deadline of having the ALTR dApp launched in December.