178-[FLP#0015] - Budget Allocation Proposal June-July 2023

Dear Lucidao community,

The [PLP#0014] has gained traction and is now moved to the FLP stage.

This Final Lucidao Proposal outlines a retrospective strategic budget plan for the months of June and July 2023. The Core Team prefers to devise financial plans for shorter durations to maintain a firm grip over the budget, thus optimizing performance and enhancing return on investment (ROI).

Over the past few weeks, our social media following on Lucidao and Altr has significantly grown, largely due to the vast exposure gained from the event held during the Monaco GP event, this has opened up several high-level partnership opportunities. We have also launched a secondary trading platform where fractions of the Rolex 6265, a luxury collectible previously sold on Altr, are now up for grabs.

The primary budget expenditures in the near future will focus on launching the lending platform and boosting its visibility through various marketing and PR channels. In addition, the sale of an iconic Ferrari F40 is planned in July, which is expected to amplify Altr’s exposure to both the Web3 and Web2 audience. In this context, a renowned PR agency will also be hired to cover the milestone and grow our audiences. Regarding legal fees, the filling for Altr Trademark will be the main cost as T&Cs and DAA related expenses are now behind us.

The costs associated with Oracles Expenses & Travel are mainly covering the meetings with new Oracles (both car and watches) that are interested to join Altr and require physical meetings to understand potential partnerships.

In alignment with previous months, the budget incorporates LCD tokens, which serve as a component of the Core Team’s compensation, and also provide a safety net for potential giveaways; e.g. participation to AMAs etc.

Outlined below is a summary of the operational expenses for the forthcoming period:

As valued members of the DAO, we welcome your input, feedback, and proposals regarding budgeting among other topics.

Connect your wallet and delegate your tokens on http://governance.lucidao.com/ . You will be able to delegate your LCD balance during the next 12 hours.