170-[FLP#0013] - Car & Car as an Oracle on Altr platform

Dear Lucidao Community,

Following the PLP posted earlier this week, we are progressing the Proposal to the Final Lucidao Proposal [FLP] stage and putting it forward for a vote.

This PLP is the first one to introduce an additional Oracle to the community in order to integrate it on the Altr platform. Prior to this, the Watch Boutique was integrated as on official Oracle after the community positively voted on the FLP#0003.

As a reminder for new members of the Community, LUCIDAO vows to link the physical world with the blockchain ecosystem, acting as a bridge between both worlds; and Altr is the first dApp on the LUCIDAO protocol, offering a marketplace for luxury collectibles such as high-end watches & cars.

The LUCIDAO Core Team has reviewed the initial application of Car & Car and is happy to propose it to the Altr platform as an official Oracle.

This means that Car & Car will be able to display and sell luxury cars on the marketplace, mint NFTs representing the underlying cars and offer vault & delivery service to Altr customers.

Car & Car has long established itself as a premier dealer of hypercars and supercars globally, moving more than 4,000 vehicles each year. The company’s deep knowledge and international acclaim have cemented its status as a primary source for enthusiasts and professionals within the classic car sphere.

In the recent decade, Car & Car has become a dominant force in the ultra-premium car market, with a credible history in trading and brokering for brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, among other high-end auto manufacturers. Consistently, Car & Car stands as Italy’s top distributor of hypercars, holding exclusive importation rights within Italy for German labels like ABT Sportsline and BRABUS.

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