187-[FLP#0018] - Onboarding Alessio Zenga as Altr Oracle (Watch Expert Category)

Dear Lucidao Community,

The [PLP#0016] had gained traction and was moved to FLP stage; however the quorum was not reached, but the decision was taken to give a second chance to the FLP to ensure the community was aware of the FLP and the proposal’s content.

As a reminder, this FLP proposes Alessio Zenga as a new Oracle to join the Altr platform. Alessio is a leading expert in the watch collecting community and dealing industry.

LUCIDAO’s primary aim is to integrate the physical world with the blockchain ecosystem, serving as a bridge between these two realms. Altr is the inaugural dApp on the LUCIDAO protocol, providing a marketplace for luxury collectibles like high-end watches and cars, as well as a collectible collateralization functionality.

The LUCIDAO Core Team has reviewed Alessio Zenga’s initial application and is pleased to recommend him to the Lucidao community as an official Oracle (Watch Expert).

Alessio’s watch dealership, The Watch Boutique, has already gained approval as a seller (FLP#003). This PLP serves to endorse Alessio as an individual, contributing his valuation skills and expertise. Alessio co-founded The Watch Boutique and has established a reputation as a top-tier collector and dealer of vintage watches. He operates out of multiple international offices, including Milan, Lugano, New York, and Luxembourg, and his global footprint and deep understanding of significant watches make him an exceptional candidate for Altr’s expert Oracles.

Read more about Alessio Zenga

As valued members of the DAO, we welcome your input, feedback, and proposals regarding budgeting among other topics.

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