[PLP#0015] - Retrospective Budget Allocation Proposal August-September 2023

Dear Lucidao Community,

This Lucidao Proposal Draft presents a strategic budget blueprint for August and September 2023. Recognizing the value of frequent fiscal oversight, the Core Team consistently devises budgetary plans in short intervals. This approach ensures tighter budgetary control, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and elevating the return on investment (ROI).

Over the past few weeks, the Team has focused on the sale of the Ferrari F40, the first collectible sold on Altr (after our soft launch of a Rolex Daytona 6265 in January), the strategy was a success and the highly sought-after car was sold swiftly sold on Altr by a sole buyer through the Buy&Drive functionality. This confirmed the visibility of the platform as well the interest from the target market to acquire luxury collectibles through the help of blockchain technology.
In other recent news the Altr trademark has now officially been filed and is tied to the Altr Association (DAA).

In the ensuing months, our primary budgetary commitments will concentrate on the digitization feature and the lending platform. These focal points encompass both the finalization of ongoing developments and enhancing their visibility through strategic social media campaigns. Our collaboration with the PR agency will remain strong, working hand in hand to ensure peak visibility.
A significant upcoming expense is allocated to a specific exclusive event, gathering an elite group of car aficionados. This presents Altr with a golden opportunity to delve deep into the world of premier collectors, showcasing the benefits of our digitization feature.

Like past months, the budget also accounts for Oracles Expenses & Travel. This allocation predominantly facilitates face-to-face interactions with prospective Oracles spanning the realms of both cars and watches. These engagements are pivotal to forge meaningful partnerships and expand our network. The platform will soon welcome new entities as well as new experts on the platform, a new category of Oracles that will reinforce the expertise surrounding Altr.

Consistent with prior periods, the budget earmarks LCD tokens. These tokens serve dual purposes: constituting a portion of the Core Team’s remuneration and acting as reserves for potential promotional events, such as AMAs. It’s worth noting that the allocation for this segment has seen an uptick compared to the last two periods, fostering heightened community engagement through giveaways and contests.

Below, we provide a concise breakdown of the operational expenditures anticipated for the upcoming timeframe:

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