Building tools for DAOs

Hi folks,

I’m researching DAOs on Polygon and found you all. I’m really impressed with the asset-backed approach to tokenization of collectables.

I’m here from and we’re building reusable tools for DAOs - think Zapier for Web 3.0. We’d love to work with LuciDAO. We already have a partnership with the folks at Polygon, which is why we’re reaching out to DAOs on their network.

To give you an idea of what we’re building, here are some of the use cases we have:

  1. Payout system - on a triggering event, execute payout to appropriate wallets. (We use this internally)
  2. Ping - When your wallet receives a payment, you get a notification. (Really useful for monitoring)
  3. Take transactions that happen on the blockchain and post relevant data into a spreadsheet.
  4. When a proposal is submitted, send out a tweet (or other message platform).
  5. Your own idea for connecting Web3 events with Web2 APIs.

We’ve also got a grant program with our funding from Binance to help build these tools for DAOs. Would love to know if this interests you. We can set up a telegram group with you and our core team to facilitate the conversation.

Let’s connect on telegram to keep the conversation going:


Hello Matthew,
Thanks for being active part of the Lucidao Forum.
I will share your offer with the other depts and if there is interest we will contact you directly via Telegram.

Have a great day,
Lucidao Team

Thanks @AG_Crypto I appreciate it.

We’re adding new chain drivers and expanding CDS to bring new functionality to our early users. If you or your team don’t see the functionality they’re looking for, we’d love to talk and see if it’s feasible to get it added.

You can see a sample of our work on AstroDAO here: grindery-nexus-schema-v2/astroDao.json at master · grindery-io/grindery-nexus-schema-v2 · GitHub

Since you’re clearly focused on the high-end lux experience, I bet it’s a priority to make things as smooth and frictionless as possible for your members. We’d love to help simplify some of the work so you can focus on the part that’s most important to you.

My DMs are open.