[PLP#0017] Automated workflow for LuciDao

Hi LuciDao Friends,

I’m co-founder of Syncvote. We try to transform the whole DAO’s operation team into one person, or even none.

Normally, DAO will do this:

  1. Go to discord to raise a discussion
  2. Go to forum to create a post, mentioned that the post has been discussed somewhere
  3. Go to Snapshot/Realms to create a proposal, mentioned that the proposal has been passed in forum. DAO Admin will share the link to governance channel to notify member that a proposal has been on air and waited for their vote.
  4. Some people notice, some people not. Sometimes DAO admin is active, sometimes he is not. Sometimes passed proposal will be executed, sometimes it will not.

That is really long and boring process. People need to learn all the rule, while jumping back and forth multiple platforms. On the other hand, DAO Admin need to do the same things everyday, while community lose track of what is going on.

So why not spend time to create interactive workflow and let it operate without the need for constant oversight from a centralized team?

We face the problems, and we think about Syncvote as the solution.

SyncVote’s capabilities is its remarkable ability to execute tasks precisely as you’ve defined them.

  1. Precision Execution:

DAO define the conditions, triggers, and actions, and SyncVote follows the instructions faithfully without the risk of human error.

One of truly powerful use case is Automated Fund Transfers:

DAO can create automated workflows that initiate fund transfers based on DAO predefined conditions. Whether it’s vendor payments, employee salaries, or contributor payments, SyncVote ensures that transactions occur smoothly and on time.

  1. Effortless Workflow Design:

No coding skills are required. Simply drag and drop elements, set conditions, and build workflows that match DAO specific requirements. SyncVote simplifies the entire process, empowering DAO to take control of DAO operations.

  1. Real-time Monitoring and Oversight:

While SyncVote operates autonomously, DAO maintain full visibility and control. Real-time monitoring and oversight features allow DAO to track the progress of automated tasks, review logs, and intervene when necessary. This combination of autonomy and control ensures that DAO operations run smoothly and effectively.

My co-founder and I love to explore what problems Syncvote can solve for you and walk you through our Demo.

You can get in touch with us through our calendly Calendly - Godwin Mount

Hi Godwin, Thanks for sharing an overview of your system with us. I personally believe, however, that the Lucidao proposal workflow has been tried and tested and is currently manageable and fit-for-purpose. We are happy to have our own Governance platform and a Forum where users can find a wealth of information (about the project, major token holders, etc). I am confident that the effort to introduce a new system could be better redirected elsewhere, especially now that Altr’s development is at a crucial stage. Let’s see what others have to say!
Thanks again, though.

Thank AG_Crypto for sharing your thought. It is straight and helpful.

It is good to know that your community have good management. We still developing new features, and we would love to reach out more when things are updated.

Personally, I have interest in DAO tools and operation. It will be good if I could be updated anything new from LuciDAO.

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Hello Luci Friends,

In the meantime while LuciDao is still developing and attracting interest from community member, I would love to update to you about our new feature or our proposal extension: It’s like all-in-one hub, saving community member from bouncing around different platforms. They can easily kick off and handle proposals, keep an eye on progress, and smoothly move between stages – all in one interface. The extension takes care of all the techy stuff.

Why Syncvote will fit nicely into the current LuciDAO practice:

  1. Non-invasive, there isn’t any new platform to familiarize with, just open the extension and click “start new proposal” to start.

  2. The extension works with all the platforms DAO has been using, so you don’t need to make any changes to your current setup.

  3. It’s free, our goal is to eventually put every DAO to operate completely on-chain, so until DAO decides to write data on-chain; it won’t cost you anything.

My cofounder’s created this video to illustrate how the plugin works for a DAO: Syncvote Demo

Hello mates,

I would love to have some of your comments on the topic. The proposal aims to make the governance process be something easy for every community member to take part in.
Do you think the governance process now is easy enough for everyone to cast a vote or raise a voice?