[PLP#0013] - Replenishing Gamma Farms rewards

Dear Lucidao community,

Pursuant to [FLP#0011], a Gamma farm was established on Quickswap to ensure a healthy liquidity for the MATIC/LCD pair; rewards were initially set for a span of 3 months, hence, are due for renewal at the end of this month.

The Core Team of Lucidao proposes refilling the Gamma farm with LCD rewards for an additional 3 months. This duration is chosen strategically to align with the Token Economics, set to be revealed in the coming weeks. These economics will interact dynamically with the Altr platform.

As a reminder, one of the main purposes of the farm is to maintain liquidity to MATIC/LCD pair on QuickSwap and therefore allow the distribution of more LCD utility tokens, through farming rewards within our growing community.

For the next 3 months, Lucidao community members will be able to stake the LCD/MATIC pair of tokens in a Gamma farm on Quickswap; with the following rewards configuration:

  • 48,800 LCD per day will be added to the Gamma pool

The proposed rewards, totaling 4.54 million LCD tokens for the next 3 months, will be sourced from the Governance reserve. This will empower the protocol to continually reward Liquidity Providers participating in the LCD/MATIC pool.

The team remains vigilant of developments in other protocols, always striving to offer the best farming experience to our Lucidao community. As valued members of the DAO, we welcome your input, feedback, and proposals concerning liquidity options.

Please feel free to express your thoughts, share your ideas, and express your sentiment about the PLP by interacting in the comments section and participating in the poll.

  • In Favor of replenishing the Quickswap Gamma Farm
  • Against

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