[PLP#0018]: Proposal to Extend Liquidity for MATIC/LCD Pair on Quickswap for an Additional 3 Months

Dear Lucidao Community,

This proposal aims to extend the liquidity provision for the MATIC/LCD pair on Quickswap for an additional 3 months.

Strategic Alignment

The 3-month extension is chosen to align with upcoming Token Economics, which will have a dynamic interaction with the Altr platform.

Utility and Benefits

Continuing liquidity provision serves to maintain stable trading conditions for the MATIC/LCD pair and to facilitate ongoing distribution of LCD utility tokens via farming rewards.

Rewards Structure

A daily allocation of 48,800 LCD to the Gamma pool.
A cumulative total of 4.54 million LCD tokens to be distributed over the 3-month period.


The rewards will be drawn from the Governance reserve, ensuring continued incentives for Liquidity Providers participating in the MATIC/LCD pool.


Upon approval, this liquidity provision will remain active, distributing rewards until the end of 2023.

Community Input

Community feedback is essential for the success of this proposal. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and sentiments in the comments section and participate in the poll to finalize this initiative.

  • In Favour of replenishing the LCD/MATIC pool on Quickswap
  • Against
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