[PLP#0019]: PLP to Onboard Davide Parmegiani and Andrea Parmegiani as Altr Oracles (Watch Experts)

Dear Lucidao Community,

This PLP is to propose two new Oracles to join the Altr platform, namely Davide Parmegiani and Andrea Parmegiani. Both gentlemen are regarded as leading experts in the watch collecting community and dealing industry.

For the newcomers, LUCIDAO’s focus is to link the physical world with the blockchain ecosystem, acting as a bridge between both worlds. Altr is the first dApp on the LUCIDAO protocol, offering a marketplace for luxury collectibles such as high-end watches & cars.

The LUCIDAO Core Team has reviewed the initial applications of Davide Parmegiani and Andrea Parmegiani and is happy to propose them to the Lucidao community as official Oracles (Watch Experts).

Known as the “Big Boss” of watch dealers, Davide Parmegiani is one the vintage watch world’s leading lights, having curated many of the most prominent watch collections in existence. As Co-Chairman of Monaco Legend Group, he is leading one of the watch world’s most important auction houses through a new era of growth. Davide’s reputation, knowledge and experience will be invaluable to Altr moving forward.


Andrea Paremegiani is the son of Davide and has forged a strong client base of new and emerging watch collectors around the world. As a watch expert at Monaco Legend Group and co-lead of the private sales department, Andrea has a wealth of experience of examining, evaluating and selling some of the most important watches to come to market.

Please interact here below by adding comments, ideas and show your general feeling about the PLP by using the poll. If the proposal gains enough traction it will then be transformed into a final proposal to be voted on by the Lucidao community.

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