[PLP#0002/B] Budget Allocation

Dear Lucidao community,

This Budget Proposal lays out the costs associated with the Lucidao project.

The team has been working for the past year with the goal to build and deliver Lucidao protocol to the community. This included an extensive analysis with MME legal and a massive effort by the core team to deploy Lucidao Governance structure and smart contracts.

After Lucidao protocol deployment, no one on the team’s side has control over treasury and smart contracts; This is why it is necessary to discuss, propose and vote over this matter.

Costs have been listed in the proposed budget below. We have also provided justification for each cost element. If you have any questions related to this Budget Proposal, please don’t hesitate to interact here below.

With the aim of lowering the costs during the start-up phase, the Executive Team, Project Management and advisory boards will not receive any compensation for their work.

Keep in mind that the fUSDT needed for the following payments would be taken from the proceeds raised during the initial sales and kept in Lucidao Governance Vault. You can check the balance here.
No LCD tokens will be sold.

  • For: Approve the budget allocation
  • Against

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