121-[FLP#0004] - LCD token allocation for Institutional contributors

Dear Lucidao Community,

Our objective at Lucidao has always been to welcome high-quality stakeholders to the protocol. In light of recent developments and progress, we are proposing an allocation of LCD tokens from our governance reserve to be sold to institutional partners committed to Lucidao’s long-term success.

During the sale event, the following entities will be onboarded:

  • Sandeep Nailwal - Co-Founder at Polygon Technology

    • Sandeep Nailwal started his career in 2010 as a Software engineer and has been heavily involved in blockchain since 2017. In 2017, he joined Polygon (Matic Network) as a Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer. His primary focus is Onboarding decentralized applications on the Matic network to achieve scalability and improved speed of transactions. Nailwal is also the founder of India’s Crypto Covid Relief Fund.
  • Arcanum Capital

    • Arcanum Capital is a venture capital firm focused on supporting enterprising and forward-thinking teams establishing decentralized networks and applications for the global blockchain ecosystem.
  • Twb Holding

    • The Watch Boutique was born from the passion of enthusiasts to create a unique solution where the buying experience of a watch is fully maximized.
    • The company is already an active participant of Lucidao governance and it’s looking to be the first oracle for watches on the luxury collectible marketplace.
  • Lucidao Team

    • Our current core team consists of world-class developers, serial entrepreneurs and business specialists. They have graduated from top-tier universities and schools with MBAs (Stanford University and IE Business School) and gained experiences in Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group and others.
    • Despite the fact it is common practice to allocate tokens for team members of crypto projects. Lucidao has never allocated any LCD on a free basis. Therefore the core team would contribute to this sale round.

The above parties can bring extensive experience from the global blockchain ecosystem and assist in building Lucidao and its upcoming dApps by utilizing their broad networks and capabilities.

Round evaluation

Considering that the above entities will join Lucidao not only as Governance contributors but also by providing strategic support on the technical, commercial and business development side:

  • we are proposing an entry price that reflects the rounded average of LCD token’s traded value during the last 30 days: $0,08522727273 per LCD;
  • the targeted contribution will be 2,25M in the form of USDT to be transferred directly to the DAO vault (0x881d440A7e047335BE81BBB27dBA6AEe9c2aa529);
  • 26.400.000 LCD tokens sitting in the DAO vault will be distributed to the contributors.

Hi Lucidao community! We want to provide some transparency and clarity on the LCD token allocation for each investment party involved in this proposed round of funding.

We are proposing that each of the following participants will be entitled to receive the following LCD tokens in exchange for their investment:

Sandeep Nailwal: 2.933.333,33

Polygon Studios: 2.933.333,33

Arcanum Capital: 5.866.666,67

Oracles: 4.106.666,67

Lucidao Team: 10.560.000,00