Proposals - Rules and Guidelines


  • Give your proposal a title that clearly summarizes the main idea.

  • Add a poll option to your proposal.

  • Start a discussion on the DAO channel on Discord, or on the General Discussion prior to posting a proposal.

  • Be ready to engage with the community e.g. by answering their replies/addressing their concerns.

Table of Contents

I. Governance Overview

II. Governance Process

  1. Starting a discussion

  2. Posting a Pre Lucidao Proposal (PLP)

  3. Post a Final Lucidao Proposal (FLP)

  4. Starting the Lucidao vote for the (FLP)

  5. Process Results

III. Pre Lucidao Proposal: “A” Template

IV. Final Lucidao Proposal: “B” Template

I. Governance Overview:

Governance is a fundamental part of Lucidao. Through governance, members of the community can propose their vision and ideas in order to be considered, voted and implemented by the team.

Governance revolves around FLPs (Final Lucidao Proposals), that once discussed on the Forum will be put to vote on Lucidao Governance smart-contract.

II. Governance Process:

1. Starting a discussion:

The first step of creating a FLP is to start the discussion around a particular topic and see what other members of the community think about it. Please use both the General Discussion category, as well as the “Dao Discussion” channel on our Discord Server.

Be open for suggestions and always remember to be civil and polite!

2. Drafting your PLP:

After an idea has been thoroughly discussed, you can start drafting your PLP (Pre Lucidao Proposal) and post it on General Discussion category, using the PLP tag.

PLPs will help you structure your idea, change it and improve it.

PLPs are fluid documents, they are meant to be changed as many times as needed before being considered ready, so feel free to ask our mods or core contributors members about their opinion on how your document could be improved!

Make sure to give a title to your PLP that clearly explains the focus of your topic and listen to our core contributors’ opinions, as there might be some technical difficulties you might not be aware of that will not allow your proposal to be implemented.

Don’t forget to add a 48 hours poll to gather the initial sentiment of the community around your proposal

PLPs will be accepted if they receive enough support from the community. It means that a topic has gone through in-depth discussions to address concerns as well as uncertainties and a large part of the community fundamentally accepts the idea.

Once a PLP is mature the transition process to turn it into a FLP can begin!

3. Submitting a FLP:

Once your PLP gains enough traction, one of the moderators will then post it in the “Governance Proposal” category. Once it is there, we will give a few days for users to further discuss it and we will then issue the proposal on Lucidao Governance system linking the FLP.

Make sure to read the FLP and PLP templates below before posting one.

On rare occasions (team proposals, etc) our mods could allow the proposer to post the FLP directly, without going through the previous steps.

4. Voting

In order to keep the whole governance process fair and clear, we recommend following all the steps mentioned above before posting any FLP on the Governance Proposals category.

Keep in mind that only admins and moderators can move a PLP on the General Forum to a FLP on the General Proposals category.

FLPs are the actual proposals that will be voted on Lucidao Governance system (soon live on

Remember that proposers need to have at least 8,800,000 LCD (1% of total supply) delegated in order to execute an actual proposal on the Lucidao Governance system. Trying to make a proposal with a lesser amount of tokens will result in the proposal being immediately rejected.

Every proposal submitted stays in the pending state for 12 hours to give every LCD Token Holder time to decide whether and who to delegate their LCD Tokens to.

At the end of the pending state a token snapshot is made by the LCD Token smart contract so that it can be used for reference by the Governance smart contract to calculate the voting power of every LCD Token Delegate.

After the snapshot is taken, the proposal goes to the active state, where it remains for 3 days. In this state, LCD Token Delegates can decide to vote in favour, against or abstain from the proposal. At the end of this time frame, if the quorum reaches at least 4% of the Lucidao total supply and if the majority voted in favour, it can enter the succeeded state, otherwise it will get the defeated state and the proposal will be permanently rejected.

5. Results

A successful proposal can be queued in the Governance Timelock and it will be updated with the queued state for 4 hours, after which it can be executed: the proposal will go live and its status will be finally changed to executed.

III. Pre Lucidao Proposal: “A” Template

PLPs are posted into the General Discussion Section of our Forum with a [PLP] tag and need to respect the following template. Remember that PLPs are living documents, not all of these points need to be nailed right from the beginning, but can be added over time as the PLP matures towards a FLP. Ideally, once a PLP is mature, there is no need to further amend it before turning it into a FLP.


Give your PLP a title that clearly summarizes the main idea. Every PLP will be numbered by one of our core contributors.

I.e: [PLP #0] Launching a marketplace for NFTs.


Summarizing the content of the proposal in a few lines, giving a TLDR is good practice and extremely useful for the rest of the users.


It’s really important to provide links and resources to give a background about your idea. Feel free to attach the whole background documentation that you believe is necessary.

If possible, please provide a link to the previous discussion on the forum or discord, to help others catch up on the topic.

Main Body:

Here you can deep dive into the details of your idea. Explain the vision, why you think it would be beneficial for Lucidao ecosystem and its community, and what would be required for it to be realized.

Reference to previous PLPs if you want to see some good examples on how to structure this section.

Contracts: Provide us with any smart contracts relevant for your proposal.

Next Steps:

Use this last section to show what is the current progress of your PLP. (i.e if you are still gathering data, if you want to improve it more or if you are ready to submit the PLP to one of our core contributors to turn it into a FLP!)

On a final note, feel free to discuss with our core contributors and mods, as well as your fellow community members on how to improve this proposal.

Once a PLP has been finalized, and it is mature enough, it can be turned into a Final Lucidao Proposal (FLP).


A poll is needed to gather the initial sentiment of the community. It could already indicate if the proposal has enough traction to proceed to a FLP or if any adjustment is needed.

III. Final Lucidao Proposal: “B” Template

Final Lucidao Proposals (FLPs) will be used as reference for the actual voting on Lucidao Governance smart-contract.

The main goal is to turn a PLP into a FLP only when it is mature and has gained enough traction. One of our core contributors will then publish it in the Governance Proposals category.

The nickname of the original proposer and the one of all the contributors who shaped the FLP will be included. Similar to PLPs, a number will be assigned to FLPs to easily allow members to keep track of it.

For any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us on Discord!